Thursday, November 3, 2011

Homemade Blood Model

 We studied blood this week as part of our human anatomy unit.
The girls made a blood model out of corn syrup, red hot candies, lentils & white lima beans.
Plasma:  Corn Syrup
Red Blood Cells:  Red hots
Platelets: Lentils
White Blood Cells: White Lima Beans

Pour & Stir...
They are extremely proud of their concoction.
They labeled the main parts of blood below.
We watched Schoolhouse Rock:
"Do The Circulation"
Next week....The Brain!


JodyJ said...

I have followed your blog for over a year and just started homeschooling my boys (7 and 9 years old) this last Sept. I really enjoy reading about what you are all doing, the edible projects are fabulous! Where did you get the ideas to do those projects? Did they come with the curriculum? I am looking for a good science curriculum for my boys and yours look terrific!

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME!! We'll be doing some human body stuff soon, so thanks for the inspiration :)

Mary said...

Love RSO - we did this earlier in the school year. It was so pretty I hated having to toss it eventually.

Mrs. W said...

We are totally going to copy the blood model. The kids will LOVE it. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I love how you incorporated the Schoolhouse Rock program as well. Now I need to go shopping for lima beans and find that DVD :)

Dee said...

This looks awesome-ly fun! ;) What science program are you using?